What is PACS?

Picture Archiving and Communications System, or PACS, is a system that acquires, transmits, stores, retrieves, and displays digital images and related patient information from a variety of imaging sources and communicates that information over a secure network. For the last century film has been practically the only medium for radiographic imaging. Film, being a relatively fixed medium, usually has only one set of available images. PACS allows for a truly film-less process with all the flexibility of a digital system. Valley MRI & Radiology chose the Ramsoft PowerServer® RIS/PACS solution to completely transform our practice to an all-digital, virtual radiology environment.


What sets our PowerServer RIS/PACS apart from other RIS/PACS products?

RamSoft PACS Workstation

PowerServer RIS/PACS is an intuitive, single database application that enables any healthcare facility to operate their Imaging department efficiently by providing a software solution that is consistent in look and feel, has a powerful workflow engine, and offers ease of use that continues to evolve based on the market demand.

We truly understand workflow, and when it is inefficient, common tasks can become complicated and time consuming to complete. Often times, staff is required to learn and use various systems or systems not properly synched with each other, resulting in an increased workload and user error.


Get Connected With Valley MRI & Radiology

We would be happy to assist you in using our PACS system. Please contact us at, (209) 467-1000 to talk with our staff, establish your login information, and schedule a PACS training session with one of our team members.

The PACS system is meant to help streamline the work flow and reporting between Valley MRI & Radiology and our referring physicians. If there is anything we can do to assist you please let us know and we will be glad to help.If you are a current PACS user that is encountering any issues with our system please contact us immediately so we can help to solve any issues.