64 Slice CT Scanner

The LightSpeed VCT can capture images of a beating heart in five heartbeats or an organ in a second, and can perform whole body trauma in ten seconds, more than twice as fast as conventional multi-slice CT scanners. And it does so without sacrificing clarity – its submillimeter resolution offers spectacular views of veins and arteries. For physicians volume coverage means new diagnostic power, including the ability to routinely perform CT angiography, rapid tests for ER stroke and chest pain, and whole body trauma.

The CT scan produces a series of images and can detect many conditions that do not show up on conventional x-rays. Your doctor has ordered this examination to help make an accurate diagnosis of your condition. The results help determine the best course of treatment for you.

During the scan, a thin beam of x-rays is focused on a specific part of your body, such as the head, chest, liver, spleen, pancreas, adrenal glands, kidneys, or spine. The x-ray tube moves rapidly around this site, enabling multiple images to be made from different angles to create cross-sectional picture. The x-ray beam is picked up by an electronic detector which records the information and feeds it into a computer.

The computer then analyzes the information and constructs an image on a monitor screen including a volume display of your organ. During some CT scans, a contrast medium (commonly called “dye”) is used to outline blood vessels or highlight organs of the body (eg, liver, kidneys) so that they can be seen more easily.

Patient Benefits

  • Diagnostic option for the workup of a cardiac patient 
  • Faster patient exams – capture images of a beating heart in five heartbeats, a single organ in one second, and perform whole body trauma in ten seconds
  • Less time needed for breath holds, which can mean less stress for the patient
  • Automated dose reduction features 
  • Easier access/wheelchair access to patient table – lower table height 
  • Breathing lights help coach patients through breath holds – making it an easier exam 


Physician Benefits 

  • Full suite of applications to assist in examination of the head, abdomen, spine and chest 
  • The technologist performs the exam, allowing the Physician to interact with patient during the exam
  • Provide referring physicians with customized patient reports 
  • Automatic reformatting of images to the clinical views needed to help the physician make the diagnosis 
  • Scans as fast as 0.35 seconds per rotation. Variable speed capability as well.
  • Higherspeed scanning translates to clearer, sharper images with fewer artifacts caused by patient movement or the motion of a beating heart