For Patients

What to expect when your arrive to our facility:
  • A warm and welcoming lobby.
  • After you proceed to the receptionist’s window, you will be greeted by a member of our friendly staff.
  • Our staff will ask for necessary information and documents and may ask you to complete forms. To streamline this process, patient forms are available to print and fill out at your convenience. Patient Forms Online
  • A technologist will greet you and escort you to your assigned area, where your exam will be performed.
  • After the exam is complete the technologist will give you a Patient Survey card that you can either fill out in our office or online. We greatly appreciate your feedback. Valley MRI & Radiology Patient Survey
  • All images and reports will be submitted to your referring physician for review. If you need to hand carry your CD and/or films or have any special needs please let our staff know and we will do our best to accommodate your requests.


General Patient Instructions:
  • Plan to arrive 15 MINUTES BEFORE your scheduled appointment.
  • BRING previous X-Rays or films that are related to your current exam.
  • Take prescribed medication according to your physicians instructions.
  • All patients requiring either IV or oral contrast should fast for at least 4 hours prior to their exam.
  • Diabetic patients should also fast for 4 hours prior to their exams.
  • Type II diabetics should skip their morning dose of oral medication.
  • Insulin dependent diabetics should consult their physician regarding their insulin dose prior to their exam.
  • Dialysis patients should plan to be dialyzed within 24 hours following IV contrast.
  • Patients receiving sedation should arrange for transportation to and from the center.
  • Mammogram patients: Please do not wear any deodorants, lotions or powder on the day of your exam. Also, please wear 2 pieces of clothing as you will be asked to change into a ½ gown.